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Last updated: May 2013
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The $100 Military Divorce Retirement Pay Error

  • Do you understand the decree you are signing?
  • What states can you file for divorce in?
  • How will you know the designated agent actually added the COLAs to your division of retired pay?
  • Do you care if there is a $100 error in your decree?

    An error of $100 doesn't sound too bad at first. When one realizes a blunder of $100 a month is actually $1,200 a year, which over 45 years results in a $54,000 military divorce error, (and this is before one has even considered adding the compounding growth potential of investing the figure), the seemingly small error amount has suddenly become a very costly mistake.

    The personnel office, finance office, SBP counselor, judges, lawyers, and clients, are just a few involved at both divorce time and retirement time. They will all discuss their knowledge and opinions concerning how a military issue should be addressed or how a form should be completed. When one takes into account all the participants, codes, and regulations involved, it is understandable (but undesirable) that an error might be made during the writing, interpreting, or processing of the paperwork to enforce the final military divorce decree.

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If you've not read Military Divorce Tips, you may find this site a little overwhelming. This website gives you links to the "nitty gritty". The many military divorce retirement links take you to further in depth explanations of the details, the complexities that occur surrounding military divorce retirement pay and military divorce retirement benefits.

The most complex area of a military divorce surrounds the issue of Military divorce retirement benefits. The regulations and codes concerning military divorce retirement benefits act like a spider web where one topic is often linked to another.

One should be cautious when negotiating a single military divorce retirement benefit because it can have detrimental effects on another part of the "spider web." Military Divorce Tips highlights several of these areas with see also excerpts, allowing one to flip to the related topic.

Explore this site to learn in depth details about different aspects of Military Divorce and Retirement.

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