Military Divorce Rights

Divorce Rights - DoD Financial Management Regulations

Service Member and Military Spouse Divorce Rights

There's nothing worse than googling about military divorce rights, reading numerous pages, and then finding out that you are either reading dated information or even worse, reading misinformation.

Many internet links are still in place for previous editions of the Financial Management Regulations, so it is important to keep current on the latest changes by using the direct links to the official comptroller government site.

DoD 7000.14-R Volume 7B - Military Pay Policy and Procedures - Retired Pay

Older Regulations - Before Revision

Take care when using search engines for military divorce regulations concerning retired pay. The older regulations are still available on the internet so depending on the case, you may or may not need to apply the most current regulation. Below are some links to some previous regulations.

Aside from the Department of Defense Financial Management Regulations, there are also the U.S. Codes which can be found for further discussion of Military Divorce Laws.


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