Military Divorce Tips


Answers for Service Members, Military Spouses, and Lawyers

Military Divorce Tips, for the service member, the soon-to-be-former spouse, and their attorneys, provides a solid foundation for a basic understanding of military divorce issues. This efficient reference tool provides quick insight to the complexities involved without delving too heavily into the U.S. Codes themselves. At the same time, attorneys are able to use the footnotes if sources are needed for litigation. An awareness of the basics can lessen the economic and emotional turmoil of divorce. Consultations with financial advisors and divorce lawyers will be more productive, less time consuming, and less expensive after reading the topics included in this book.

Attorneys looking for consolidated facts, could provide a copy of this book to assist every client participating in a military divorce.


  • Knowledge – Explanations for those considering or partaking in a military divorce
  • Save Time – Valuable checklists to proceed down the correct path
  • Accurate Answers – U.S. Codes, citations, and sources at your finger tips
  • Better Settlement – Understand how to negotiate in your favor
  • Yet to Come – Know your future, after divorce

Military Divorce Tips – Checklists Included:

  1. Divorce Notification
  2. Lawyer Interview
  3. Checklist of Reasons to (or not to) Delay Divorce
  4. Divorce Process Checklist
  5. Discovery Checklist for Retired Pay Division
  6. Divorce Decree Checklist for Military Finances
  7. State Comparison Checklist (issues and ideas to consider; does not include state by state law comparison)
  8. Retirement Award Steps Checklist
  9. SBP Comprehension Checklist
  10. Designated Agent Checklist
  11. Remarriage Checklist


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